The #1 essential for building a successful Network Marketing business

Anyone who can master the art of duplication is on their way to making a million dollars. I’ve studied how to build a successful Network Marketing business for years and have learned a lot of valuable techniques but it does not matter how well you know the business, if you don’t know how to effectively duplicate, you are dead in the water.

I’m not saying anyone should only develop the skill of duplication but I am saying that if you don’t everything else you do is worthless. You absolutely must be able to build a team and attract people to your products, if not you have no business. You can have a beautiful website with a lot of traffic but if you have no conversion then what is the good for your business unless you are already financially set and just interested in helping others. It is notable to want to help others and that is one of the things I like most about network marketing because it is built around the premise of helping others. But the bottom line for most is that it is necessary to also make money.

One of the first things anyone needs to learn going into network marketing is how the duplication process works and how to become proficient at it. I would advise you not to take the time to try and figure it out for yourself but learn from someone who knows and has a proven plan.

While some are just better at duplication at the very get go, it is a learnable skill and when you know how it works and are able to apply it then it will work for you also. I am sometimes amazed how the various programs on my computer work, that is if I follow the procedure. I just follow the steps and the most amazing things happen. The same is true for duplication; when we follow the steps that are proven to work then amazing results happen.

You might be wondering, where you can find people to look at my opportunity or products:  I will mention three sources:

  1. The people that you know; these are often referred to as warm market; it includes your family, relatives, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. I know that there is a lot of talk now days about not bugging those in your warm market. I agree if it comes down to bugging them. If you let them know what you are doing and they are not interested then let them go. Not to consider your warm market may cost you because in that group may just be the right person who will make you a million dollars from their efforts alone. It is easy to judge people and say, oh they wouldn’t be interested; how could you know until you ask?
  2. Another area is the people that you may not know personally; they may be on your email list, Face book, Phone list as well as their friends and acquaintances. By the time you are finished you could have as many as 500 names.
  3. Another area for prospects is what is called the cold market. Today because of the wonder of the World Wide Web there are millions who are interested in starting a home business or that are interested in your products. Finding these is not always an easy job but it can be done with a little know how. One of the best ways is through a blog. You can build up your traffic flow to a blog exponentially if you offer quality material that adds value to others lives. Also your articles can appear on the first page of the search engines right next to those paying for advertisement.

It is not how many you recruit into your business. Sometimes it only takes a few to make a person rich. More important is to find that right person. If you are able to find just one right person a year you are destined to become wealthy or if you just recruit one person a month consistently.

There is another consideration however and that is if you are able to teach your recruits a simple way to duplicate and also teach them how to teach their recruits to teach their recruits etc.

Obviously you must first learn how to do this yourself. The simplest way is to let someone who has done it teach you. Smart people seek out information that is proven to work. We don’t need to try to reinvent the wheel just use the one that is already there and proven to work.

Actually I said earlier that duplication was the #1 essential in growing a successful network marketing business, well I must also include creditability which goes hand and hand with duplication. The more creditability you have the more you are able to duplicate your business.

I have a friend who has been in networking marketing full time for over 12 years and he interviewed multimillion dollar earner Todd Smith who reveals his scores in the formula of building a network marketing business primarily using personal credibility along with duplication. Take the time to listen to this interview; it will be well worth your time. He also has available on this website the six steps for building a network marketing business on CD format that you might be interested in purchasing. I might add that I do not make a commission on that and I only include it for your information. GO TO THE INTERVIEW

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